Jeep Avenger gets 4xe off-road version with four-wheel drive and hybrid power

Possibly not 'Trail Rated'

Jeep has unveiled a new hybrid off-road version of its compact Avenger SUV that brings all-wheel drive to the line-up for the first time.

Already offered with a choice of petrol, electric and hybrid powertrains, the Avenger 4xe promises an increase in performance both on and off road.

Off-road styling cues for practical reasons

Jeep Avenger 4xe

Externally, though, the focus is very much on the off-road performance, with the basic Avenger shape supplemented by numerous rugged details.

Chief among these is the new bumper design that sees more of the car covered in tough-looking body cladding, while an anti-scratch coating has been applied to reduce the chances of damage occurring while off-road.

Other tweaks include standard-fit roof rails and redesigned fog lights, which sit slightly higher than on the standard Avenger and “look” further outward, enhancing visibility.

The black alloy wheels are also more exposed than on the standard car, for maximum capability, and those wheels are shod in mud and snow tyres as standard. And as an option, customers can choose to have a matt black sticker on the bonnet to reduce reflections from the metalwork.

Washable interior

Inside, meanwhile, the design is much the same as that of the existing Avenger e-Hybrid, but Jeep has fitted the seats with a completely washable covering that’s designed to be more hard-wearing.

Jeep Avenger 4xe

The style and capability of the 4xe are designed to be intrinsically connected, and nowhere more so than in the suspension. Jeep has raised the 4xe by 10mm over the standard Avenger, giving it a little extra presence and more ground clearance, which allows for a greater wading depth and more capacity to deal with rough terrain.

As part of that increase in ride height, Jeep has also given the Avenger 4xe a more advanced (multi-link) rear suspension set-up for improved axle articulation on rough surfaces and better comfort on the road.

More power from hybrid system

But for all that, the big news is the new 4xe hybrid system, which sits alongside the front-wheel-drive e-Hybrid.

Like the Avenger e-Hybrid, it’s centred around a 1.2-litre petrol engine but Jeep has given the 4xe two 21kW electric motors — one on each of the two axles.

Jeep Avenger 4xe

The system works in different ways at different speeds, with a full 50:50 torque (twisting force) split, front-to-rear, at speeds of up to 19mph, improving traction on loose surfaces. At speeds of up to 56mph, meanwhile, the rear motor only engages when it is needed, and above 56mph, it is deactivated for maximum efficiency.

However, speed is not the only determining factor for the 4xe’s powertrain. Jeep has also fitted its Selec-Terrain driving modes to the Avenger, with an Auto mode for everyday use and a Sport mode for maximum performance.

There’s also a Snow mode for low-grip surfaces and a Sand & Mud mode for uneven surfaces, with the traction control and gear shift characteristics altered depending on the mode selected.

Yet extra all-terrain capability is only one advantage of the new 4xe propulsion system. With the two electric motors and the petrol engine working together, the car can send 134bhp to the wheels via its six-speed automatic gearbox.

That’s a 35bhp improvement over the standard e-Hybrid, and it comes with a commensurate improvement in straight-line speed. Getting from a standstill to 62mph takes 9.5 seconds and the top speed is 120mph.

Jeep Avenger 4xe

Despite that, and the all-wheel-drive capability, Jeep has promised only a minor increase in emissions and fuel consumption compared with the e-Hybrid.

Jeep is still yet to announce prices for the 4xe models but the company has confirmed two trim levels will be available in the UK, the Upland and the Overland. Order books for both are expected to open by the end of 2024.

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