2020 Volkswagen ID.3: prices, range, specs and release date

A breath of fresh air from the VW Group

Volkswagen says its quirky new pure-electric hatchback is as important to the company as the original Beetle and Golf models.


What is the 2020 Volkswagen ID.3?

Though Volkswagen has dabbled with pure-electric cars before, the ID.3 is the firm’s first real attempt at making one with genuine mainstream appeal. The company is so sure it’ll be a hit, it’s expecting to sell 100,000 of them across Europe every year.

On paper the ID.3 is certainly interesting. The blend of Golf-like dimensions and electric car packaging should make it practical, and Volkswagen reckons even the entry-level car will go substantially longer on a single charge than the pure-electric e-Golf it will replace.


How far can the Volkswagen ID.3 go on a charge?

How far the VW ID.3 goes on a single charge will depend on what battery option is picked. Buyers opting for the entry-level model will be able to travel a claimed 205 miles before having to plug in but the biggest battery pack is good for up to 341 miles, the company says.

According to Volkswagen, the majority of buyers will go for the mid-range option, which is reportedly capable of 260 miles per charge. Early adopters should note that this mid-range battery pack will be the only one available on the ‘ID.3 1ST’ launch edition cars.


What tech will the Volkswagen ID.3 have?

Volkswagen won’t reveal the ID.3’s full tech specs until it’s the car’s official unveiling at this September’s Frankfurt motor show, but it has released a few details about some of the kit on the ID.3 1ST.

All launch edition variants will have voice recognition tech and built-in navigation as standard, with the upgraded ‘1ST Plus’ version adding gear like LED Matrix headlights. An augmented reality head-up display is reserved for the range-topping ‘1ST Max’ model.


When will the Volkswagen ID.3 go on sale?

Prospective Volkswagen ID.3 buyers can pre-book a build slot with a refundable £750 deposit now, but the car likely won’t go on sale until later in the year. Production is on track to begin before the end of 2019, and Volkswagen reckons the first deliveries will be made in mid-2020.


How much will the Volkswagen ID.3 cost?

Full details will be revealed closer to launch, though prospective pricing in Germany suggests the Volkswagen ID.3 range could start at about £25,000 with the 1ST launch edition cars setting buyers back roughly £34,000.

As the Volkswagen ID.3 has zero tailpipe emissions, anyone who buys the car new will be eligible for the £3,500 Plug-in Car Grant — assuming the Government doesn’t scrap or alter the incentive between now and when the ID.3 eventually goes on sale.


What will the Volkswagen ID.3’s rivals be?

The Volkswagen ID.3’s closest competitors will include the Tesla Model 3, Hyundai Kona Electric, Kia eNiro and Nissan Leaf. More rivals are expected to enter the fray later down the line — including from sister brand SEAT, which will bring its own ID.3-based car to market by 2021.


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