New car registration special March 2014: City cars

Skoda Citigo SE 1.0 (60PS) 3-dr

This car is almost identical to the Volkswagen Up! and Seat Mii but offers better value than either. The most popular version is the least powerful, with a 59bhp 1-litre engine, which is best in town. Skoda’s latest finance offers appear unfeasibly cheap, with monthly payments as low as £69. This can be achieved only if you have the funds to put down a deposit of about £2,500. With 0% finance available, owning the car over three years should, in theory, cost no more than buying it outright and selling it after the same period. This will apply only if you don’t exceed the 10,000-mile annual limit and you return the car undamaged.

Engine 999cc, 3 cylinders
Acceleration 0-62mph: 14.4sec
Fuel / CO2 62.8mpg / 105g/km
Road tax B (first year free; then £20)

Price £8,880
Deposit £2,543.70
Payments £69 x 35 months
Optional final payment £3,921.30
Interest rate 0%
Total payable £8,880

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Fiat 500 1.2 Lounge

In some ways this car’s popularity is a mystery: it’s expensive, with a poor ride and light, vague steering. But cancelling this out are its charm and style. The bestselling 1.2-litre Lounge model comes with air-conditioning, a glass roof and a USB port as standard. It may have an engine that is less powerful and frugal than that of the 0.9-litre TwinAir version, but it is £2,000 cheaper. Fiat has a deal where buyers have to find only £1,349 for a deposit, but they should note that a new version of the 500 is due next month.

Engine 1242cc, 4 cylinders
Acceleration 0-62mph: 12.9sec
Fuel / CO2 58.9mpg / 113g/km
Road tax C (first year free; then £30)

Price £11,560
Deposit £1,349
Payments £159 x 36 months
Optional final payment £5,261
Interest rate 5.6%
Total payable £12,334

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Kia Picanto 1 1.0 5-dr

Well built, comfortable and zippy at low speeds, the new Picanto has risen from its budget roots to become one of the leading cars in its class. It’s stylish enough that it will fit in whether you’re parking outside Poundland or Prada. The most popular 1-litre entry-level car is the one to go for if you rarely stray out of town, providing good performance up to 50mph. It also qualifies for free vehicle tax.

Kia is offering various money-off deals on the Picanto range. In this example, a £250 discount and £250 deposit contribution are available.

Engine 998cc, 3 cylinders
Acceleration 0-60mph: 13.9sec
Fuel / CO2 67.3mpg / 99g/km
Road tax A (free)

Price £8,245
Deposit £1,927.83
Payments £89 x 36 months
Optional final payment £3,289.50
Interest rate 4.9%
Total payable £8,421.33

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