London taxi factory to get a feng-shui makeover

I had that feng shui expert in the back of my cab factory

London taxi

LONDON TAXI drivers are not renowned for their holistic world-view or ability to harmonise their environment, but that may be about to change. A new Chinese-owned factory building London’s black cabs in Coventry has called in a feng shui expert to help design the workplace and “improve the flow of energy into the building” and “aid employee wellbeing”.

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Work began this month on the £250m factory, which will be used to create the next generation of low-emission black cabs. The project is being financed by Geely, which bought the London Taxi Company (LTC) in 2012. The Chinese company, which also owns Volvo, says it will create 1,400 new jobs and eventually have the capacity to assemble up to 36,000 vehicles a year.

Sylvia Bennett, the feng shui expert called in to help design the factory, said: “I’ve worked to improve the flow of energy through the building, making sure that entrances are properly positioned. We’ve gained advantage of the water element of  the nearby lake, boosted by a water feature installation.”

The new taxi will be launched in Britain  in 2017 and in international markets in 2018. Production of the black cab began at the LTC’s Coventry site in 1948. Since then more than 130,000 have been built.