Light aircraft makes emergency landing on US interstate highway

The plane struck a car as it came down to land on the highway

A LIGHT AIRCRAFT made an emergency landing on a major highway in the US, after failing to land at a nearby airport in central Illinois.

Details on what caused the pilot to land his Cessna on the Interstate 55 road are scarce, though it’s understood the plane suddenly lost power as it made its approach to Logan County Airport.

Local reports are also stating the aircraft collided with a vehicle on the road as it touched down. Thankfully, neither the pilot nor the people in the affected car were injured in the incident.

The Cessna aircraft managed to survive its emergency landing too, with police crews being able to tow the plane away when they arrived at the scene. It didn’t emerge completely unscathed, of course, with damage being sustained to the landing gear under the left wing when the plane touched down.

Credit: Roy Dripps via Storyful

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