Jeremy Clarkson reckons a "terrifying" future is in store for car enthusiasts

The Grand Tour host is "enjoying it while it lasts"

THE OUTSPOKEN Grand Tour presenter Jeremy Clarkson reckons dark times are ahead for petrol heads, as the rise of new technologies fundamentally changes how people use cars.

In his acceptance speech for being named Motoring Personality of the Year at the inaugural Motor Awards, the Sunday Times contributor warned of a future where new technologies would eventually make car ownership redundant.

According to Clarkson: “It isn’t so much which car you should buy, as it used to be. Now it’s becoming much more about ‘how will we actually get about?’.

“It’s becoming the interesting debate in the motoring world. Will we actually own cars at all? It’s a terrifying prospect for all of us, but it’s one that may well be coming.”

After the awards ceremony, the The Grand Tour host elaborated on his comments, citing how “you only have to talk to anyone under the age of 25 to realise the passion we have [for cars] is dying out.” He went on to say he’s now “enjoying it while it lasts”, before the way people own and use cars now becomes a thing of the past.

This wouldn’t be the first time he’s shown concern over the future of the car industry. In his televised review of the Aston Martin V12 Vantage in 2009, the then-Top Gear presenter lamented the possibility that “cars like this will soon be consigned to the history books”.

Despite the sombre and serious message of his speech, the broadcaster was able to inject a bit of humour into the event – with a bit of help from Richard Hammond and James May, who also attended the Motor Awards. All three whooped as the cars they’ve represented in upcoming The Grand Tour episodes were announced as award nominees, and Clarkson proudly flaunted his Motoring Personality of the Year accolade in front of his colleagues.