Haas F1 Team sponsor Rich Energy's Twitter meltdown: the best reactions

Haas F1 Team sponsor Rich Energy had a Twitter meltdown — the best reactions

It Haas to be seen to be believed

RICH Energy, the drinks company that sponsors the Haas F1 Team, hasn’t had the best publicity of late. After all, in May this year, it was successfully sued for copyright infringement, due to the similarity of its logo with the one used by the bicycle maker Whyte Bikes.

The bike maker had a little fun on Twitter with a dig at the F1 sponsor, but rather than taking the moral high ground and gracefully accepting defeat, Rich Energy decided to respond with full force:

Of course, Twitter users were quick to respond.

The outburst also attracted the attention of a number of high profile motoring journalists, including Top Gear’s Chris Harris:

Rather than try to repair its reputation, whoever runs Rich Energy’s social media account didn’t let that one lie, either.

Needless to say, that opened the floodgates for even more funny hot takes.

Some context for this post below: the pic is of the Haas driver Romain Grosjean… on a Whyte bike.

And, to draw the Rich Energy responses to a close in the most appropriate way we can think of…

Rich Energy hit back once more, with its Twitter rants beginning to look more like a marketing strategy than unthinking outbursts.

We’ll let the guys behind Rich Energy’s spoof account have the final say: