How fast is ‘superfast’? Over 211mph, says Ferrari of its new 812 Superfast

New flagship supercar makes its public debut at Geneva motor show

WITHOUT A hint of modesty, the name of Ferrari’s latest, most powerful status symbol suggests it’s going to be very fast indeed, but just how quick is the new 812 Superfast?

Succeeding the F12, the Italian sports car maker says that the top speed of the flagship supercar is over 211mph. Acceleration from 0-62mph take 2.9 seconds – presumably only if drivers don’t turn the rear tyres to smoke in the process.

The 812 Superfast’s engine is an updated, 6.5-litre version of Ferrari’s acclaimed V12. It develops 789bhp at 8,500rpm and 530Ib ft of torque at 7,000rpm.

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The figures suggest drivers who want the Superfast to live up to its name will have to work the engine hard. However, Ferrari adds that 80 per cent of the V12’s torque is available from 3,500rpm.

The revised engine has a larger capacity than the unit used in the outgoing F12. It also incorporates a new high pressure, direct fuel injection system and features variable geometry intake tracts, technology the car maker says it has borrowed from Formula One.

Delivering power to the rear wheels is the same seven-speed dual clutch gearbox used in the F12, but its ratios have been chosen specifically for the 812 Superfast, and the shift times of the ‘box are faster, says Ferrari.

How fast is ‘superfast’? Over 211mph, says Ferrari of its new 812 Superfast

This is the first Ferrari to use an electric power steering system, and Ferrari’s patented Side Slip Control (SSC) is used together with the ‘Virtual Short Wheelbase – effectively a four-wheel steering system – which will work together to help drivers manhandle the car’s not inconsiderable performance.

A makeover of the bodywork is aimed at improving air flow and engine cooling, and there are some active panels which are said to improve the car’s downforce at speed. Inside, the dashboard has been spruced up with new instruments and infotainment systems, and there are new seats – presumably with a vice-like grip.

The 812 Superfast makes its public debut at next month’s Geneva motor show, and, unsurprisingly, it won’t come cheap to prospective buyers. Expect to pay around £250,000 for the new model. Given how values of used F12s are proving robust, the improved 812 could be a good long-term investment.

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