News: Apple CarPlay and other smartphone apps make driving simpler

Must dash, my smartphone’s making a display of itself

Dashboard CarPlay

DASHBOARD DISPLAYS will soon be as simple to operate as your smartphone, thanks to . . . your smartphone. Apple’s long-awaited in-car system, called CarPlay, connects to your iPhone and replicates the device’s display on a vehicle’s touchscreen, allowing you to use apps without taking your eyes off the road.

Mercedes and Volvo will offer it on new cars next year, and the first aftermarket system has just been launched, allowing drivers to install it in their present cars. The Sunday Times tested the Pioneer device in a Subaru BRZ by connecting an iPhone 5.

The phone, messages, music and maps icons looked and functioned more or less as they do on the handset, and the Siri voice-recognition software allowed us to dictate text messages. Halfords, which sells the £350 touchscreen, said that after its launch last week more than 100 were bought in two days.


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