California Highway Patrol rescue unconscious man from burning car

Law enforcement found the man half ejected out of the sun roof.

A LEXUS driver is currently being treated in hospital, after being rescued from his burning car by bystanders and the California Highway Patrol.

Occurring near a freeway intersection, the incident was understood to have been triggered by a coming together between the Lexus driver and a Nissan SUV, with the Lexus pushed into a nearby road embankment – spontaneously catching fire moments later.

Though the passenger in the Lexus was able to escape the crashed car, the driver was rendered unconscious. Passing drivers are reported to have come to the unconscious driver’s aid, with some attempting to put out the flames before the California Highway Patrol arrived at the scene. The law enforcement agency managed to retrieve the man from the flaming saloon car.

The rescued man is recovering in hospital, with another person involved in the incident being treated for minor injuries. At time of writing, the California Highway Agency is still investigating the cause of the crash.