Bad driving more of a first date turn-off than poor dress sense, survey reveals

Good drivers have more pulling power

Rudeness, poor hygiene and bad driving: The top 10 first date turn-offs that really grind our gears

IF THE worst first date you’ve ever been on involved a fraught lift home in your match’s motor, you’ll not be at all surprised that road rage is one of the biggest romantic rendezvous turn-offs, according to a new survey.

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The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM), found road rage to be the worst first-date faux pas for almost half (46%) of people, and the fifth worst mistake a potential partner can make, behind rudeness (81%), bad personal hygiene (80%), a lack of a sense of humour (70%), and self-obsession (69%).

Motoring-related turn-offs fill the sixth and seventh spots, too, with 45% and 44% of people respectively  saying that texting and talking on a mobile is a big no-no (not to mention against the law). A bad dress sense and having sweaty palms are less offensive, the survey suggests. In addition, having a dirty car appears at number 10 on the list.

A further 11% are irritated by someone who takes 15 minutes to park, according to the study, whilst 13% of Brits find overly cautious drivers who go under the speed limit off-putting.

Meanwhile, if you want to impress someone on a first date, being good behind the wheel is a positive boon: 11% said they find good driving skills a turn-on.

“Bad driving not only has an impact on the safety of our roads, but can also affect your chances of romance,” said Sarah Sillar, IAM’s chief executive. “Being able to manoeuvre properly and drive carefully should be much higher up on peoples dating priorities.”

According to the research, Brits pick up on the driving skills of a date – good or bad – within the first 65 seconds of getting in the car, with half noticing in just 20 seconds.

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Top 10 first date turn-offs
  1. Rudeness (81%)
  2. Bad personal hygiene (80%)
  3. No sense of humour (70%)
  4. Being self-obsessed (69%)
  5. Road rage (46%)
  6. Texting whilst driving (45%)
  7. Talking on a mobile whilst driving (44%)
  8. Bad dress sense (40%)
  9. Sweaty palms (25%)
  10. Dirty car (23%)
Top 10 first date turn-ons
  1. Sense of humour (81%)
  2. Politeness (77%)
  3. Good personal hygiene (69%)
  4. Good dress sense (50%)
  5. Looks (44%)
  6. Confidence (44%)
  7. Generosity (29%)
  8. Good driving skills (11%)
  9. Great shoes (9%)
  10. Nice car (7%)