Australian motorist swerves all over the place on Gold Coast motorway

Amazingly, the driver passed the breathalyser test

MIDDLE lane hogs may be the bane of many motorway drivers but they’re infinitely preferable to the Aussie motorist who was recently filmed weaving across all available lanes.

Caught on camera by a passenger in a following car, the driver of the black Nissan Dualis (the Nissan Qashqai equivalent Down Under) is shown repeatedly veering across a southbound section of the Pacific Motorway near Australia’s Gold Coast.

The SUV driver more than once swerved off-road completely, with the lack of control continuing as the vehicle made its way along a slip road. Throughout all of this, the indicator lights were never used.

Thankfully, the shocking driving display was brought to an end when the SUV’s two left tyres were punctured, after the seven-seater Nissan bounded over the kerb as it approached a roundabout.

Making the whole ordeal even more terrifying is the fact that there were two young children in the car at the time.

Amazingly, the driver didn’t fail the breathalyser test when police arrived at the scene, according to reports.

Credit: Pete Basmadjian via Storyful