McLaren P1 designer releases images of space capsule for tourists

Frank Stephenson is best known for penning cars with "stratospheric" top speeds but this will take passengers literally into the stratosphere.
Volkswagen ID.3 Harlequin Edition (April Fools' Day 2024)

Funny cars? April Fools 2024 round-up

Dog-friendly in-car systems, a car-washing body suit, lifestyle aftershave and bioluminescent paint were all part of this year’s roster of jokes.
Ferrari North Europe to sell 25 personalised press car registration numbers at a charity auction Saturday 18 May 2024

Ferrari UK auctions off personal plates

Ferrari North Europe, which includes the UK, is about to hold an auction for some of its most famous number plates.
BAR 8IE registration plate

Barbie-themed plate on sale for £1m

Barbie proved a billion-dollar success at the box office. Can “BAR 8IE” turn a million for itself?
A Tesla drives through flood water in San Diego

Watch Tesla plough through floodwater

TikTok video shows Tesla ploughing through deep water on a flooded San Diego street while a Volkswagen Beetle is stranded in the middle.
Are these the 12 ugliest cars in the world? Nissan S-Cargo

Are these the 23 ugliest cars ever made?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, they say, but that doesn't explain how a car can be brought to market that looks like it drove through...

Gran Turismo movie review

Gran Turismo is not a movie about a video game; it's one about courage, love, loss, following your dreams and triumph in the face of adversity.
The 24 most ridiculous car names ever

The 31 most ridiculous car names ever

Japan is infamous for silly car names but the practice isn't exclusive to Far East car makers. Ford, Austin, Vauxhall and more are all guilty.
Ram Premature Electrification advert at Super Bowl LVII

Watch: The best car ads of Super Bowl LVII

In 2023 only three car manufacturer were represented during the Super Bowl LVII advert breaks. But there were still a few crackers in there.
Five of the best car TV adverts ever shown in the UK

Five of the best car TV adverts ever

Many car advertisements have managed to do excite, delight and entertain over the years; here are five of the best car ads ever shown in the UK.
Lisa Hogan and Jeremy Clarkson Honda Civic review

Clarkson asked girlfriend to crash Honda hybrid

The actress Lisa Hogan, partner of Jeremy Clarkson, has escaped injury after crashing a borrowed Honda Jazz into a tree.
Scary movie cars: The Hearse

Nine of the best cars from scary movies

We've rated nine of the best cars from scary movies - some legendary, some less well-known, but all with a healthy dose of the sinister.
The WiLL Vi that crashed into Japan's oldest toilets

Driver reverses into Japan’s oldest toilet

A 15th-century lavatory in Japan has been badly damaged after a motorist accidentally reversed his car into the building at a Buddhist temple.