Where can I buy parking sensors that don't make an irritating sound?

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Q. I have a new Skoda Superb estate and am looking for some front parking sensors that do not make an irritating sound. Any suggestions? BMC, Arden, Warwickshire

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A. Reversing sensors have been available for many years; now front sensors are becoming popular. One of the reasons for this is that modern cars are styled to be aerodynamic, and are consequently wedge-shaped — good for speed and fuel economy, but bad for drivers trying to judge where the front of their car is.

Repairs to headlamps and bumpers are expensive, so a set of sensors could prove a worthwhile investment. Unfortunately, they all make a beeping noise.

Dolphin Direct has done well in independent testing over the years. Its DPS400F system costs £60 and comprises four standard-size sensors for the bumper, an ECU controller and a warning beeper — one that’s not too annoying, we hope. Opt for the £70 DPS450F version and you also get a small display that gives a countdown in centimetres as you approach an obstacle. An alternative is the DMS400F package of four smaller bumper sensors for £70, or £80 with the visual display.

You have the option to fit them yourself or have them professionally installed for £95 — possibly best, unless you’re particularly skilled, as removing and drilling a bumper isn’t for the faint-hearted.

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