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Reader Letters: Badge bias, driverless dilemmas and a Ferrari competition

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Hidden shallows

I was bemused by Jeremy Clarkson’s review of the Volkswagen Arteon (“ET, phone home and ask: just what is this?”, January 21). He could not fault its looks, praised its comfort and handling, yet finally condemned it because it has the wrong badge. Shallow?
Benjamin Frost, London SW1


Ticking all the boxes

Why not get Clarkson to try the latest Kia Sorento? Not only is it a big, comfortable and well-appointed seven-seater, it is also fast when you need speed and can tow a caravan. I have driven big Volvos for 25 years and it knocks all of them into a cocked hat.
Paul Kustow, Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire


Wrong move

Professor Robert Matthews, of Aston University, writes about driverless cars being programmed to react to an emergency by swerving (“A dilemma for your car’s AI: who lives and who dies”, December 17). Any driver — human or robot — who instinctively swerves when confronted with an obstruction does not deserve to be on the road. Such panicked manoeuvres are potentially fatal.
Anthony G Phillips, Salisbury, Wiltshire


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Thumbs down

Am I missing something in the rush to develop driverless cars? Apart from those who have lost, or never had, a licence, who would benefit from them? Most of the time I get pleasure out of driving and cannot see the point of sitting behind the steering wheel, twiddling my thumbs.
Cliff Billington, Bingham, Nottinghamshire


On the blink

I was interested to read about Audi’s side-assist technology, which displays a warning signal if a nearby driver turns their indicator on. Unfortunately this will be of limited value as most motorists indicate after changing lane rather than before.
Mark Syder, Prescot, Merseyside


Rough plan

May I suggest that “the Ruffometer” is a rather unfortunate title for conveying the vital statistics of the prototype Range Rover PHEV, given it is described by Nick Rufford as being “rough around the edges” (“Watt joy: a guilt-free Chelsea tractor”, January 28). Might not “the Nickometer” be a better alternative?
Nigel Duckworth, Dartmouth, Devon

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