Grit on a wiper blade has scratched my windscreen — can it be fixed?

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Car Clinic: Grit on my wiper has scratched my windscreen — can it be fixed?

After recent trips in cold weather, grit that had frozen to a wiper blade resulted in a scratched windscreen. How can I get it back in shape?
JN, Lytham St Annes


As a guide, if your fingernail does not catch in a scratch, you should be able to polish it out using a cerium oxide polish or jeweller’s rouge (ferric oxide). Expect to pay £10-£15 for a ready-mixed bottle. See this example at

A polishing pad attached to an electric drill is faster than polishing by hand. A kit consisting of the drill attachment, polish and pads costs £15-£25 from a website such as Or find a whole kit here.

Take your time, keep a light but constant pressure and check the pads regularly for clogging, and within a couple of hours you should have got rid of the scratches.

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