Buying guide: 10 superb used cars for £11,000

IF YOU have £11,000 to spend on a used car, prepare to be spoiled for choice.

used car buying guide - the best cars for £11,000


IF YOU have £11,000 to spend on a used car, prepare to be spoiled for choice. According to CAP, the vehicle data experts, the figure is the average advertised price of a used car in the UK.

A survey of this website’s used car advertisements alone reveals a bewildering, but mouth-watering, selection of models at this magic price. We’ve dived into our used car stockroom to bring you 10 different types. No tricks, no calling sales people to persuade them to drop their prices; these are real cars, at real prices. See if we can tempt you to celebrate spring with a new set of £11,000 wheels.


1| Prestige coupé

Used car buying guide 2008 Mercedes

2008 Mercedes CLS 320 CDI (94,328 miles)

Have we got your attention? Thought so. New, this big, beautiful CLS was knocking on the door of £50,000 but now, six years and 94,000 miles later, it’s Fiesta money. Don’t let that mileage put you off; the car is just getting into its stride. Instead, think of that creamy V6 diesel with its 224bhp and monstrous 376lb ft torque, capable of hurling the car from 0-62mph in 7sec, and returning 32mpg. Reflect on that spacious and comfortable cabin (at least in the front), and chuckle at the look on your neighbours’ faces.


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2| Convertible

Used car buying guide 2009 mini cooper convertible

2009 Mini Cooper S convertible with Chili Pack (38,377 miles )

The Mini is a fun car, agreed. But take off the roof and add the 175bhp Cooper S engine and it acquires Tommy Cooper levels of smileyness. The steering and handling could shame a kart, while there’s enough power to whip it to 62mph from standstill in 7.4 seconds.  Dial in that wind-in-the-hair feeling and all of a sudden this five-year-old example, with half leather and 17in wheels, begins to look a real bargain.


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3| Mainstream coupé

Used car buying guide 2010 peugeot rcz

2010 Peugeot RCZ 2.0 HDI GT (79,063 miles)

We’re big fans of the RCZ, so forgive our delight when out of the woodwork sprang this interesting  example. Interesting because it has Peugeot’s powerful 2-litre diesel (163bhp, 240lb ft torque) under its bonnet promising 0-62mph in 8.7sec but much more impressively, healthy dollops of mid-range overtaking grunt. All this and, when you’re feeling tight, 53.2mpg. It feels a little nose heavy and less agile than the lighter petrol models but we’d happily trade these shortcomings for this car’s full leather interior and full service history.


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4| Mid-size executive

Used car buying guide 2011 BMW 3-series for sale

2011 BMW 318d SE 143bhp (67,383 miles)

Well, it wouldn’t be a list of great cars for £11,000 without a Three, would it? This one owner example is quite a find. There’s 143bhp and 236lb ft torque under that bonnet. See past the tardy 9.1 seconds it takes to hit 62mph; in-gear performance is impressive. Meanwhile, it will reward you with 62.8mpg and CO2 emissions of just 119g/km, equating to an annual tax rate of £30. So much has been written about the model’s great ride and handling that we won’t repeat it. Oh, we just have.


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5| Large executive

Used car buying guide 2007 Jaguar XJ

2007 Jaguar XJ 2.7 TDVi Sport Premium (44,755 miles)

A mistake for Jaguar but a jewel for the canny used car buyer, the XJ of 2004-2007 looks like a big Jag should look, while boasting a very modern, all-aluminium body. It was a mistake because everyone agreed it did nothing to attract younger buyers to the marque, but if your idea of a Jag is a peerless ride, a cosseting cabin and a low, rakish body, then this XJ is for you. For the record, the 2.7-litre V6 produces 204bhp but, more impressively, 321lb ft torque, all good for 0-62mph in a dizzy 7.8sec.


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6| Family saloon

Used car buying guide 2012 Citroen C5

2012 Citroën C5 1.6 HDI VTR+ Nav saloon (19,002 miles)

Yes, we could have chosen any number of sensible Fords or Vauxhalls, but we thought you’d like the Citroën C5. Why? Because it has just the smooth and absorbent ride you need for this country’s potholed roads. The styling is distinctive in a good, Citroën way, too, while the cabin is well built and spacious. Admittedly the 110bhp 1.6 diesel engine powering our example is not the pick of the range (that honour goes to the 163bhp 2-litre model) but it will return 56.5mpg, and provide effortless cruising.


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7| Off-road

2009 Jeep Patriot Used car buying guide

2009 Jeep Patriot 2.0 CRD Limited (27,286 miles)

The Patriot is one of the unsung 4×4 heroes of the used car forecourts. Ignored by most people seeking a mid-size, affordable SUV, it appeals only to those who value the Jeep brand and who know the Patriot to be a well-built off-roader with a truly impressive 2-litre diesel engine under the bonnet.  Our question: why follow the herd and go for an SUV such as the Nissan Qashqai and others in the class, when you can have the real thing for a lot less money?


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8| Family estate

Used car buying guide 2011 Ford Mondeo estate

2012 Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDCi 140 Zetec  (50,116 miles)

It may have been launched six years ago but the Mondeo continues to top the family car class for its mix of driving qualities and affordability. The estate version brings truly cavernous space to that list of virtues making this punchy  (140bhp and 236lb ft torque) and parsimonious (53.3mpg) example a true, working-class hero. Zetec trim level brings everything you need. Our only hesitation is the relatively high mileage but 50,000 miles isn’t too much of an issue with modern production materials, especially if those are motorway miles, which put less stress on the components than stop-start driving. Ford offers a three-year, 60,000-mile warranty.


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9| Supermini

Used car buying guide 2013 Honda JAzz

2013 Honda Jazz 1.4 i-VTEC Si 5dr (4,682 miles)

This little Jazz caught our eye for its crisp white finish, racy alloy wheels and attractively integrated body kit. These and the tempting Honda Approved label, promising all manner of aftersales benefits and pre-sale checks, over its registration plate. The Jazz is a fairly dowdy car but these things give it a real lift and remind us that in truth, it is a seriously practical and beautifully made little thing. A Fiesta is better to drive but the Honda has a lot more personality.


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10| Premium hatchback

2010 Audi A3 Used car buying guide

2010 Audi A3 1.6 Technik 5dr (24,012 miles)

Audi may roll out new versions of its models but one thing never changes: their quality. This A3 is a fine example. It is the old model but in its build quality and the way it feels and operates, we guarantee it will feel freshly minted. You wouldn’t buy this car to race GTis. It’s 102bhp is fit enough only for 0-62mph in a barely bicycle-beating 12.1 seconds. But you would buy it for the feeling of well-being it provides. That and the prestige badge it brings to your driveway.


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