Best car insurance discounts for dash cam users

Get money off your policy with a dashboard camera

IT’S NOT hard to see why dash cams are still booming in popularity. Their ability to record and store footage of your driving can prove invaluable in the event of an accident, and they offer peace of mind in the face of dodgy “crash for cash” scams.

What’s more, a few car insurers offer discounts to customers who use them. For young drivers with high premiums, even a 10% saving can be a significant amount of money – enough to cover the cost of the dash cam itself.

Even if an insurer doesn’t have a discount, the evidence could save you money by protecting your no-claims discount. But or maximum benefit, consider the following insurers when fitting a dash cam.


Adrian Flux — 15% off with certain dash cams

Adrian Flux offers a 15% discount to dash cam users. It’s a pretty sizeable saving, but there is a caveat: only specific dash cams qualify for the discount.

The array of dash cams that are eligible for the savings is very extensive, with many brands being represented. A full run-down of the allowed dash cams can be found on the Adrian Flux website here.

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AXA Insurance — 10% off

It may not be as big as tthe Adrian Flux discount, but AXA Insurance’s 10% saving is not to be sniffed at. AXA customers also aren’t limited to what dash cam they can use, so buyers can shop around for the right dash cam for them.

AXA Insurance recommends that customers have their dash cam professionally installed, but that isn’t a mandatory requirement. A firm red line, however, is that the dash cam needs to be a purpose-built system, and not a workaround such as an app on a mobile phone.

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MyFirst — up to 30% off for young drivers

Being the most inexperienced road users out there, young drivers are subject to some of the highest car insurance premiums. To help ease the burden of those costs, MyFirst is offering a dash cam discount as high as 30% for fresh-faced motorists.

In order to qualify for the MyCam policy saving, customers will need to have the Nextbase 312GW dash cam installed in the car. The 30% saving is dependent on a variety of circumstances, so you won’t be guaranteed a discount as big as that when you apply for an insurance quote.

MyFirst stresses it won’t be looking to track the driver’s behaviour or location using the camera.

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SureThing — 20% for Nextbase users

Nextbase appears to be a very popular brand with car insurers as well as dash cam buyers, as SureThing is another company that provides discounts for customers with Nextbase dash cams.

The discount offered is a very generous 20%. Unlike the My First cover, though, the dash cam isn’t included in the premium, so it’ll be up to you to decide whether the initial purchase justifies the savings you’ll make further down the line.

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Swiftcover — 12.5% for Nextbase users

Sadly, Swiftcover’s discount isn’t available for the provider’s current customers, but new people who join the service will be able to make use of a handy 12.5% insurance discount.

There are conditions to be met in order to qualify for the discount, with perhaps the biggest being the dash cam has to be made by Nextbase. As with the cover from AXA, Swiftcover recommends users have the dash cam professionally installed, though this again isn’t a mandatory requirement.

Need a dash cam to make use of any of these discounts? You can check out our dash cam buying guide here.

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