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Imagine being the very first owner of your next car. You won’t have to worry about the vehicle’s sketchy history, whether the mileage is genuine or even deal with private sellers. Instead, you can choose the ideal new car for your lifestyle and benefit from a manufacturer warranty for a lengthy period of time.

We offer a comprehensive motoring experience for every customer. Not only can you search for the perfect new car, but read expert reviews from world renowned journalists to determine if the vehicle’s right for you.

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If you can’t decide on the right new car, why not take a look through the most popular models below? You could well be inspired by the options suggested and be test driving and buying your new motor in no time at all. From small city cars including the Fiat 500, to the executive BMW 3 Series, with you can find the ideal vehicle for your lifestyle.

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New car buying guide is a one-stop-shop for all your motoring needs. Not only can you search for the latest new cars in the UK, but get the best tips and advice for the entire buying process. We’d also suggest checking out our expert reviews, which are sure to inspire and make the whole selection process a lot easier.

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    Do you have an idea on the type of vehicle you’re looking for? Whether you’re searching for the perfect family-sized SUV, a small city car carrying excellent fuel economy, or a nippy roadster to get you from A to B, has everything you’ll need.

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    With two unique ways to start searching for your new car, you’re able to quickly and easily filter your options. Our Fast Search allows you to browse through all the new cars in your area. Simply specify your favourite makes or models to begin your search.

    For a more detailed search, there’s our Lifestyle option. With this you’re able to select specific features you want included with your new car. Choose your budget, the luxuries you want included and how much road tax you’re willing to pay. We’ll do the rest, filter your options and provide a list of ideal models for your perusal.

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    Purchasing a new car will likely be more expensive than investing in a used vehicle. As such, you should consider your finances to determine if you’re able to pay in cash or will need to agree a finance deal for the new car. When speaking with respective dealers you’ll be able to agree a finance package based on your deposit and how much you wish to pay on a monthly basis.