Watch quick-thinking motorists use CPR to revive driver who crashed into pond

Passers-by saved the driver’s life

GOOD Samaritans in Illinois, USA have been praised by local police, after saving the life of a driver who crashed into water.

On August 3 a driver lost control of their car on a slip road and crashed, with the vehicle landing upside down in a nearby retention pond.

Around a dozen passers-by came to the rescue, and managed to retrieve the then-unconscious driver from the wreckage. The group managed to revive the motorist using CPR before emergency crews arrived at the scene.

Leo Schmitz, Illinois State Police’s director, said: “The Illinois State Police would like to recognise these citizens for their quick thinking, bravery and lifesaving actions.

“There is no greater reward than saving the life of another human being. They were all heroes that day.”

Credit: Illinois State Police via Storyful