Robbery suspect filmed smashing into police car at 70mph

Speeding suspect was fleeing a robbery scene before the smash

A BODY cam on a police officer in Florida caught the heart-stopping moment a robbery suspect smashed into a cop car at high speed.

The clip shows the thief’s Ford Mustang crash into a Ford Explorer patrol vehicle, which was waiting at a junction on the Route 19 highway.

As heard in the footage, the deputies were alerted to the oncoming vehicle just moments before the crash happened. The police radio also revealed an initial chase had been called off after the suspect was caught at speeds “in excess of 100” (miles per hour).

According to the Pasco Sheriff’s Office, the Ford Mustang driver was fleeing the scene of a “sudden snatching” robbery. The police report didn’t state what had been stolen.

Though injured in the collision, the suspect was able to escape the crashed Mustang on-foot, and was later apprehended. The deputy in the smashed police car received minor injuries.

Credit: Pasco Sheriff’s Office via Storyful