Reckless Toyota driver caught on dash cam

"I really couldn’t believe what I had just seen"

A MOTORIST in Edinburgh was left in disbelief by a reckless Toyota Previa driver who came incredibly close to causing a massive crash.

The Toyota, caught on the dash cam of motorist Andrew Gallacher, is seen dangerously cutting into a lane before clearly ignore a red traffic light.

As a result of driving past the red light, the Previa very nearly collided with other vehicles. Had the driver of a BMW 3 Series convertible joining from the right not slammed on the brakes, it’s likely the recklessly-driven Toyota would have smashed into his silver soft-top.

Gallagher said: “I really couldn’t believe what I had just seen. Even though there was no unfortunate outcome, it was still a shocking sight.”

He added: “The brazen disregard for pedestrians and the other cars on the road is what really annoyed me. If a car had been shunted, lost control or rolled, there could quite easily have been casualties.”

Credit: Nextbase