Rally driver Elfyn Evans takes a shortcut to the Goodwood Festival of Speed

If you've ever sat in the queues on the way into Goodwood...

THE TRAFFIC around Goodwood on Festival of Speed weekend is notoriously slow-moving. And that just won’t do for a World Rally Championship driver who’s late for his appearance at the show, if this video featuring Ford pilot Elfyn Evans is to be believed.

It shows the Red Bull-sponsored Evans stuck in a traffic jam en-route to the Festival. Rather than appear late for his 11am rally stage run, he parks up his Transit van, unloads his Ford Fiesta WRC and fires up the 375bhp 4WD beast.

He and co-driver Dan Barritt then blast off- and on-road through the countryside to the venue, via farm, field, village centre and even cricket pitch to get there just in the nick of time.

Of course, it’s all a set-up — FoS hasn’t started yet, for a start — but it’s great fun to see the Fiesta WRC tearing up the roads and hedgerows around the Goodwood estate.

Evans said: “Goodwood Festival of Speed is always a special event, so being able to a part that of the weekend as well as bring something to the party is really exciting.

“Goodwood is such a stunning location for a car show. Hopefully everyone will be able to appreciate the surrounding countryside as well as understand the sheer scale of the operation to put something like the Festival of Speed on. I can’t wait for the weekend and about what people think about the edit.”

Watch the teaser above or the full video here: