Police release bear trapped in car

The bear's fine, but there's (Ursa) major damage to the Subaru

POLICE in California recently undertook an unusual rescue mission, after releasing a bear that had managed to trap itself inside a car.

It’s unknown what lured the bear into the Subaru Outback but once inside, the animal was clearly distressed; police reports confirmed the vehicle’s interior was comprehensively destroyed by the animal. The video suggests the car alarm was sounding, which can’t have been pleasant for it.

So violent was the bear’s rampage that the car doors were damaged to the point that they would no longer open. As a result, local police officers resorted to smashing a window in order to release the beast. Sensibly, the officer scarpers before the bear makes a swift exit.

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Though considerable damage was inflicted on the Subaru, no civilians or law enforcement agents were harmed in the incident.

Credit: Placer County Sheriff’s Office via Storyful