Police officer takes evasive action in head-on near-miss with lorry

Lorry driver was overtaking in a no-passing zone

OKLAHOMA Highway Patrol has released shocking dash cam footage of a lorry almost crashing head-on with a police car.

The hair-raising incident took place on November 27 on a stretch of highway roughly an hour’s drive away from Oklahoma City, with a nasty collision only avoided after the traffic officer swerved onto the hard shoulder.

The lorry driver’s attempt to pass the vehicles ahead broke local traffic rules, as that stretch of road is designated as a no-passing zone. According to the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, “several fatality crashes” have occurred on the highway in the last 18 months.

The lorry driver was “very apologetic and polite” when he was pulled over, according to police. The officer booked him for “driving left of centre on a marked road” and encouraged the trucker to abide by the rules of the road in future.

Credit: Oklahoma Highway Patrol via Storyful