Nail technician clings to bump of fleeing customer's car

A disagreement descends into chaos

A DISAGREEMENT in a car park between a nail technician and a customer descended into chaos when the staff member jumped onto the boot of the client’s car after she allegedly fled without paying.

The fracas occurred outside the nail salon in Jackson, Tennessee on Saturday, and was captured in dramatic mobile phone footage.

The technician stands behind the customer’s parked car in an attempt to prevent her from leaving the premises, but unperturbed, the driver sticks the car in reverse and begins to move off, pushing the mask-wearing worker with her car.

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The onlooker recording the incident was vocal in her shock, but things were about to get a lot more dangerous.

he driver of the vehicle tries to explain her actions before speeding off, saying: “She was behind my car, I paid.”

As the grey car passes the camera and disappears out of the car park at speed, the nail shop technician is seen clinging to the bumper.

According to reports, a woman who claimed to be the daughter of the worker in the video later posted a photo of herself next to her mother, who was in what appeared to be a hospital bed. This post has since been removed from public view.

A video posted to the social media site shortly after the argument shows police arresting a woman beside a stopped car.

Both the car and the woman appear to be the same as those involved in the incident.

A local paper identified the arrest as likely occurring near the Old Hickory Mall in the Tinker Hill area. The report also states that Jackson Police have confirmed they’re investigating the incident.


Credit: Sedona Carlon via Storyful