Man ejected through windscreen in horrifying crash at Florida toll booth

Incredibly, no one was seriously injured

A HUGE accident has occurred on a turnpike in Florida, with the force of the crash sending one of the passengers flying out of the car.

Released by the Florida Highway Patrol agency, the CCTV footage shows the shocking incident of a Cadillac SUV hurtling towards a toll lane divider, before colliding with the barrier head-on.

As well as completely destroying the front of the car, the crash was so powerful it almost launched the man in the front passenger seat into one of the toll booth kiosks.

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Incredibly, despite the violence of the collision, all five occupants in the car (including the man ejected through the windscreen) survived the incident. Local reports also state the crash victims were discharged from hospital the following day.

Police reports indicate the incredible toll booth plaza smash was caused by careless driving (no kidding) — which, in turn, was a result of driver fatigue.

Credit: Florida Highway Patrol via Storyful