Hornets create massive nest in old Chevrolet, exterminator films removal

'I'm gonna need a bigger bag'

A PEST exterminator filmed the removal of a massive next containing almost 1,000 hornets from the interior of an old Chevrolet El Camino.

The European hornets, which made their home on the driver’s seat and in the roof line of the utility vehicle found their way into the car through a small gap in one of the windows, according to ‘The Bee Man’.

The exterminator donned protective gear  before pumping a fine dust, that’s toxic to hornets, into the vehicle and the nest.

Discarding the remains proved to be a far more straightforward and low tech affair: the nest and dead hornets were disposed of in a supermarket carrier bag.

Though the Chevrolet is now rid of the venomous insects, it’s unclear whether the El Camino owner will still want to keep the car.

Credit: The Bee Man via Storyful