Heart-stopping police footage shows mother on the run crash car then grab baby from back seat

Woman charged with evading police, endangering the life of a child and possessing a controlled substance

POLICE in Texas arrested a driver who smashed up her Mercedes SUV following a terrifying 100mph+ chase, then grabbed her baby from the back seat and tried to hi-jack another vehicle.

The chase began after the 29-year-old Mercedes-Benz GL driver sped off during a traffic stop by a State trooper.

A police helicopter joined the pursuit, capturing on video the heart-stopping moment the Mercedes veered from a highway to avoid a police officer deploying a stinger strip.

Despite having at least one of the front tyres punctured, the crazed motorist continued at high speed — running through a red light at a crossroads — before crashing into the back of a stationary car.

Shockingly, the woman then climbs out of her stricken vehicle and runs to a rear passenger door to retrieve what is understood to be her infant child, who was strapped into a baby seat.

Even more extraordinary is her subsequent attempt to carjack a passing Nissan Frontier, but a police officer car is able to block the road and the orders the occupants to exit the SUV at gunpoint. The owner of the Nissan, whose own child was in the back of her car at the time, is visibly shaken by the events.

Texas Police arrested the dangerous driver at the scene, on charges of evading police, endangering the life of a child and possessing a controlled substance.

Local reports claim the woman had outstanding arrest warrants prior to the police chase.

Credit: Texas Department of Public Safety via Storyful