Garage taken over by ghosts, ghouls and skeletons in spooky Halloween projection

Jazzy death and the less-than-fresh prince (of darkness)

IT’S NEVER too late to form a band — even death can’t stop some determined entities, if the goings-on in a garage in Dearborn, Michigan are to be believed.

About two minutes into the video above, captured by the owner of the property, shows the garage door opening to reveal skeletons playing jazz then dancing along to music from a group comprising Dracula, Frankenstein’s monster, a mummy and a witch.

Later, after the shutter has been closed, clawed hands smash holes in the door, through which we can see ghosts and ghouls, while giant bugs crawl around the the surface. At one point a terrifying spirit leaps through the door, then later, creepy pictures come alive before our eyes.

In fact, the rest of Dave Muse’s house appears to have been taken over by creatures from beyond the grave this Halloween.

There’s no need to call the Ghostbusters, of course — the spooktacular events are courtesy of clever audio-visual digital effects work.

“It is presented using seven video projectors to create several convincing illusions,” said Muse. “The garage, for example, never actually opens. A video showing the garage opening, and a picture of the garage interior with performing skeletons superimposed is simply projected on top of the garage door.”

Much of the music and animation elements of the footage were created by AtmosFX, a digital decorations company, that has given Muse permission to promote its work within his footage. The projectors themselves are all cheap and second-hand, Muse claims, costing him as little as $20 each.

Credit: Dave Muse via Storyful