Five injured in shocking Formula 3 crash in Macau

One driver suffered spinal fracture in 170mph shunt

FIVE PEOPLE have been injured in an horrific crash at the Formula 3 World Cup race in Macau, after a car was launched into a trackside bunker at speed.

German driver Sophia Floersch was left with a spinal fracture after her car flew over the safety barrier shortly after a safety car restart, taking out Sho Tsuboi’s single-seater racing car in the process.

A slow motion video capture by a fan gives a clearer view of the shocking incident:

The smash was triggered when Floersch struck the car of Jehan Deravula’s a high speed straight, before the street circuit’s ‘Lisboa’ corner, a tight right hander with no run-off area. A speed trap on that part of the street circuit clocked Floersch travelling at 171.6mph shortly before the impact, according to

Both drivers were hospitalised after the crash, with Floersch still being treated for her injuries, although the hardy driver described her condition as “fine” in a tweet.

Two photographers and a safety marshal were also injured when the Formula 3 car struck the trackside bunker, and were also admitted to hospital.

In a statement, the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) president Jean Todt said: “After the serious incident today in Macau, the FIA is mobilised to help those involved and analyse what happened. We will monitor the situation and make the necessary conclusions.”

Credit: @aochan8800 via Storyful