Father and son flee raging forest fire by car

"Dad, what if the car blows up?"

MOBILE phone footage captured a desperate attempt by a father and son to escape a raging wildfire in their car.

During a camping trip in Montana’s Glacier National Park, the pair noticed a blaze in the forest spreading at an incredibly fast rate.

In order to escape, the two headed back to their Subaru Legacy and set off away from the fire via road they’d used to get there. But although the road was perfectly safe to travel on three hours prior, parts of the trail had already been engulfed in flames by the time they made their way out of the woods.

Understandably, the son who was driving the all-wheel drive saloon was incredibly worried as he navigated his way through the smoke. By comparison, the father was less openly fazed by the inferno, and even volunteered to get out of the car in order to move away a burning fallen tree that was blocking the way ahead.

As the tree couldn’t be safely moved aside, the pair decided to drive back to their starting point. Miraculously, the father and son were rescued there by two park employees.

Credit: Justin Bilton via Storyful