Distracted driver ploughs into police car on US highway

Explaining this to the insurers is gonna be interesting

POLICE in the US state of Georgia have released a clip of an unusual car crash, involving a driver hurtling straight into the back of a stationary police vehicle.

As shown in the footage captured by the Byron Georgia Police Department, all appeared to be normal until the police car came to a complete stop at a red light, and it became clear the approaching Ford SUV wasn’t slowing.

Considering the speed of the crash, it’s unsurprising the Ford’s front end was comprehensively damaged in the incident. The collision was also powerful enough to shunt the police car straight into the vehicle ahead, though it’s unknown how much damage was caused in that second collision.

According to police reports, no one was injured in the high speed bump. It was also alleged the Ford driver wasn’t aware of the slowing traffic, as a result of being distracted by something requiring the individual to look away from the road ahead.

Credit: Byron Georgia Police Department via Storyful

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