Aquaplaning motorist narrowly avoids crash on sodden Canadian highway

"I was only doing 68mph!"

A COUPLE of Canadian motorists narrowly avoided a scary head-on crash, after a car aquaplaned at nearly 70mph on a soaking wet stretch of highway in Newfoundland.

As recorded on recently-released dash cam footage, the car ahead in the left hand lane is suddenly sent into a fishtail, before spinning 180 degrees into the path of the dash cam user’s vehicle.

Thankfully, both drivers were able to bring their cars to a stop before any contact occurred. The spinning driver was also fortuitous in that the highway was incredibly quiet at the time of the incident.

The story might not end there, though. After the dash cam user pulled up to the spun car, its driver declared to have “only [been] doing 110[kph]”, or 68mph, which in excess of the 100kph (62mph) speed limit on that particular stretch of road.

Credit: Kayla Squires via Storyful