Tesla opens Supercharger network for one day to allow for free EV charging

Get an EV top-up for free today from Tesla to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Supercharging in Europe.
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Tesla posts quarterly profit of $1.1bn

Tesla has announced a milestone for the company as it recorded its eighth profitable quarter in succession.
Tesla installs world’s 2000th supercharger

Tesla installs world’s 2000th supercharger

ELECTRIC motoring juggernaut Tesla has hit another milestone, as it installed its 2000th supercharger site across the globe.
Tesla's supercharge network continues to grow as the car maker passes 400 location across Europe

Tesla Superchargers pass 400 locations in Europe

Tesla has announced that it now has 3,200 Superchargers at more than 400 locations across Europe.
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Electric Avenue - driving from Edinburgh to London...

With its new high-performance car and fast recharging points, Tesla is breaking down the barriers to long-distance travel by electric car. Driving...