Ford changes Bronco SUV launch date after OJ Simpson controversy

Ford has moved the unveiling of the new Bronco SUV back by four days amid a furore concerning the date’s overlap with the birthday of OJ Simpson.
Powerful and aggressively styled new limited edition Ford Ranger Thunder on sale

Limited edition Ford Ranger Thunder goes on sale

The new Ford Ranger Thunder is now available for UK order, to be delivered in late summer.
2019 Ford Ranger Raptor review

2019 Ford Ranger Raptor review

The Ford Ranger Raptor might look like a building site workhorse but it's actually an hilarious off-road racer.
Pick-up truck drag race: Ford Ranger vs Mercedes-Benz X-Class vs Mitsubishi L200 vs Toyota Hilux vs Volkswagen Amarok

Video: Ultimate pick-up truck drag race

Pick-up trucks need plenty of poke to haul and tow heavy loads. Which of these, however, has enough power to win a five-way drag race?