Clarkson’s funniest comments of 2019

Jeremy Clarkson's televisual activities don't seem to have blunted his written word a jot, thankfully, as this collection of quotes proves.
Jeremy Clarkson supercars quotes

Clarkson on: supercars

By Jeremy Clarkson's reckoning, supercars are the most fantastic yet ultimately irrational purchases a car buyer can make. They’re expensive, they...
Jeremy Clarkson America quotes

Clarkson on: America

Don't pick on the little guy, they say, which could explain why Jeremy Clarkson frequently likes to poke fun at America and its inhabitants. Here...
Jeremy Clarkson car launch event quotes

Clarkson on: car launches

What would Clarkson have made of Jaguar's rather theatrical launch this week of the BMW 3-series-rivalling XE? As the be-jeansed one chose not to...
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20 years of Clarkson: Best quotes

Some of the best bits of Jeremy Clarkson’s reviews are nothing to do with the car on test. Here is a selection of his finest putdowns.