Apps: walking the dog

If you're a dog owner with spare time in short supply, these apps are just what you need to keep Fido fit and active.

Apps: Form a band

Here are three apps that any budding musicians can use on their way to forming a band.
Apps: Medical research

Test Bench: Medical research apps

Play a part in the latest cutting-edge science, by downloading these free apps onto your phone or tablet.
Apps: make your own emojis

Apps: make your own emojis

Do these emoji maker apps get a smiley face from us?

Apps: Broadband speed checkers

An appropriately quick rundown of three of the best Internet speedchecker apps out there.
Apps: choose supermarket wine

Apps: choose supermarket wine

Whether it's sparkling blanc or own brand plonk, these apps will help you find the wine you're after
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News: Vauxhall Viva city car on sale in spring priced...

For drivers of a certain age, the thought of owning a Vauxhall Viva will send a shiver down the spine. Vauxhall’s original affordable car was launched...
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News: App hits brakes for walkers on collision course...

“Zombie” pedestrians who stray into the path of vehicles because they are too busy staring at their phone or listening to music could be saved...
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News: Google unveils Android Auto in-car system rival...

First Google built an autonomous car that can drive better than you. Now it has developed software that knows where it is going before you do.