Video: Pranked driving instructors have a wild ride with pro racing driver

Mirror, signal… pray

Fast and Furious nerd scares driving instructors

WE ALL remember our driving instructor, but how often do driving instructors remember their students? Those featured in this video won’t forget the “learner driver” in a hurry – she is Leona Chin, a professional racing and “drift” driver.

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After signing up for their first day of work, the instructors are sat alongside a candidate that would appear to be a total novice who is completely out of her depth driving a modified car that could have come from the set of The Fast & Furious 7.

Leona Chin

Chin takes a selfie during her day job (source: Facebook)

However, the stalled starts and fumbling at the controls soon turn to something altogether more alarming, when Leona Chin floors the throttle and sends the car skidding around a car park.

One instructor is so terrified that she puts her hands over her eyes and screams for the remainder of the wild ride.

The prank is caught on camera by, a YouTube based sketch show that appears to specialise in setting up unsuspecting members of the Malaysian public.