Video: Nissan rolls Note down a hill ... in world's biggest zorb

This is how Nissan rolls

Nissan Note CarZorb video

OFFICIALLY, THIS stunt is designed to promote the Nissan Note‘s Safety Shield technology, but creating the world’s largest Zorb – big enough to house the supermini – and sending it rolling down a hill is surely the result of a drunken bet at the marketing department’s summer party.

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Whatever, the huge CarZorb is an impressive sight. Weighing more than a ton (before you put the car in) and 20ft in diameter, it took two months to build and was tested at a military training base in Britain.

Nissan told Driving that it had no plans to bring the CarZorb to car festivals and other events, but we think it would be a great addition to the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Just don’t expect passenger rides.

The second-generation Note, which is celebrating its first anniversary (read our in depth review here), includes, in top Tekna spec, the Safety Shield pack with 360-degree Around View Monitor camera system. The system combines lane departure warning, blind spot warning and moving object detection to help drivers avoid accidents.