Video: Find out why Derek the petrolhead pensioner is enjoying his retirement

Buss pass? No thanks

Derek the pensioner on tuned mobility scooter

MEET DEREK. It is the year 2061, and Derek was automatically enrolled in a workplace pension 46 years ago. Derek doesn’t have to worry about the next gas bill arriving or if he can afford to eat at the weekend; instead, he is enjoying his retirement by tearing up the icy tundra on his highly-tuned mobility scooter.

The lighthearted viral video has a serious point. It was created by the government to highlight the benefits of a workplace pension, where the government will use relief at source to add tax relief to your pension pot.

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Derek the pensioner just so happens to look a lot like Colin Furze, the madcap inventor and creator who is responsible for the world’s fastest toilet, a moped that shoots flames and this record-breaking mobility scooter. Other notable creations include a jet-powered bicycle that can reach speeds over 45mph and a nitrous-fuelled pram, which holds a world record for hitting 53.36mph at Shakespeare County Raceway.

Furze used a 125cc two-stroke engine from a 1997 Honda CR125 and its five-speed gearbox to power the mobility scooter, which he claims can reach a max speed of 82.5mph. Now watch it in action.