Top Gear TV is back! Here's what to expect from series 25, starring Matt LeBlanc, Chris Harris and Rory Reid

Speed, noise... and crashes

TOP Gear returns to our screens this weekend, featuring Matt LeBlanc, Chris Harris, Rory Reid and lots of shiny metal. They’re promising speed, noise and “several occurrences of driving into things that shouldn’t be driven into.”

Here what to expect on Sunday at 8pm, BBC2, as laid bare in the latest issue of Top Gear magazine.

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V8 love letter

Top Gear series 25: V8s in america

With new cars increasingly powered by fuel-sipping hybrid or emission-free electric powertrains, the guys head to America with three of their favourite sports cars powered by the classic V8 petrol engine.

  • Location Utah, USA
  • Cars Jaguar F-type SVR; Ford Mustang GT350 R; McLaren 570GT
  • Did you know? The first V8 was designed by a Frenchman names Léon Levavasseur, and not an American


Harris hearts the 2CV

Top Gear series 25: Citroen 2CV

He’s more used to sending rear-wheel drive supercars sideways round a track, but in the new Top Gear Chris Harris will be telling us why he loves the classic Citroen 2CV.

  • Location France
  • Cars Citroen 2CV
  • Did you know? The 2CV could manage 95mpg


Tractor tweaks

Top Gear series 25: Tractors

Tractors are all very well in a ploughed field but when they hit the road, all they do is hold up motorists, reckons Matt LeBlanc. So why not soup one up in a bid to get the roads moving?

  • Location UK
  • Cars Tractor
  • Did you know? The current speed record for a tractor is 80.88mph


Mclaren vs McLaren

Top Gear series 25: McLaren 720S

Can Chris Harris and the McLaren 720S beat the McLaren P1 hypercar lap time he set around Portimao circuit two years ago? That’s what he sets out to discover in this feature.

  • Location Portugal
  • Cars McLaren 720S
  • Did you know? The 720S costs £200,000 vs the P1’s £900,000, and has a power deficit, but it’s lighter and arguably more high tech, so it could be a close-run thing


Let’s go off-road, LeBlanc-style

Top Gear series 25: Off-road

LeBlanc aims to show Chris Harris what a true off-roading weekend looks like by gathering some serious toys together for an American wilderness adventure.

  • Location California, USA
  • Vehicles Dirt bikes, flying cars and trucks. Big trucks
  • Did you know? A SkyRunner flying car, similar to the one featured on Top Gear, was recently filmed crashing while attempting to take-off


SUVs are not horses

Top Gear series 25: SUV horse trials

The team take three smart SUVs to a horse trials event…  and attempt to complete a series of equestrian-inspired challenges.

  • Location Burghley House, UK
  • Vehicles Alfa Romeo Stelvio; Volvo XC60; Range Rover Velar
  • Did you know? Cars aren’t as good as horses at landing big jumps (Answer: “Yes, I did know”)