Test your knowledge: which car had the first remotely operated central locking?

Clue: it set the world on fire


IT WAS claimed to be the first mass-produced coupé to be designed in a wind tunnel. Not literally, of course; the paper would have blown off the drawing board and fouled up the fans.…

That wasn’t all, though. To the astonishment of men and women around the world (well, a handful of readers of Motor magazine) our mysterious car was also the first to use a remotely operated central locking system.

Otherwise known as a “plip,” it was considered advanced in an age when you had to get up from the sofa to change channel on the telly. Remember doing that? Oh, the horror. And then get up from the sofa again because you weren’t happy with the volume?

The system caught on in a big way, and soon became standard on all but the most bog-standard, bargain-basement cars on sale in the UK.

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Renault Fuego Turbo D in… brown

Ah yes… the mighty Renault Fuego – Spanish for ‘fire’. This is the Turbo D version, said to be the fastest diesel-powered car of its time, but with a top speed of just 112mph we find that hard to believe.

No matter. This is the first car to feature a remotely operated central locking system, after being fitted to models produced from 1982 onwards.

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