Test your knowledge: When was the original Ford Mustang launched?

Original Ford Mustang

THE NEW Ford Mustang goes on sale in the UK later this month. Although it has become an iconic car on both sides of the Atlantic, this is the first time the Mustang has been available to buy from Ford of Great Britain with right-hand drive, making the 2015 Mustang a landmark iteration of Ford’s muscle car.

Can you, however, name the year the original “pony car” was launched in America? Scroll down for the answer …

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1964 Ford Mustang launch at the World's Fair, New York

Ford launched the original Mustang to much fanfare at the 1964 World’s Fair in New York. The car was a sensation and racked up 400,000 sales in the first 12 months of production and 1m in the first 20 months. The ‘Stang had breathed new life into the Ford brand and attracted many young buyers, a segment of the market that Ford had rightly thought would boom in the 1960s after a surge in the birth rate during and after the war.

The Mustang’s success, however, came in spite of some fairly unflattering reviews from the motoring press, which, according to The Ford Dynasty: An American Story, by James Brough, saw it as a “hoked-up Falcon with mediocre brakes, indifferent handling and marvellous promotion”.

The book continues: “Road Test magazine jeered that it ‘abounds with new and startling engineering features carried over from 1910’. But, no doubt about it, it had pizazz aplenty.”