Sold! AutoTrader offers free adverts for cars costing less than £1000

Sold! Auto Trader offers free ads for cars costing £1,000 or less

Move tackles rise of ads on social media

BRITAIN’s biggest classified ads website for cars has announced it will no longer charge owners to advertise low-cost vehicles.

Auto Trader, which currently carries ads for more than 470,000 new and used cars, all available to search via, has announced that any car worth £1,000 or less will now be free to promote on the listings site.

Browse NEW or USED cars for sale

Auto Trader is likely to win more ads at the budget end of the used-car market against eBay, Loot and Craigslist, as well as social media sites including Facebook, at a time when many household budgets are being squeezed.

The free offer is the “basic” advert package, which lasts for two weeks. Drivers wishing to sell a car that costs less than £1,000 can still pay up to £19.95 for ads that stay on the site for longer and are more prominent.

Ads for cars costing more than £1,000 still start at £36.95.