Sin S1: the ugliest car ever made?

Ugly as...

WE FOUND it: the ugliest car ever made.

Built by Sin Cars, a small, young outfit responsible for the much less aesthetically-challenging R1, it turns out the follow-up car isn’t dubbed the Uglyas but the S1.

The newcomer is a lightweight road and track car in the vein of a Radical SR3 or Ariel Atom, with a modular design that allows you to buy the chassis and then specify a number of components such as the drivetrain, interior and body design.

The brochure carries an image of an open top model (a coupé is also available) that looks much less disturbing than the one captured in the tweet below, but it also mentions that the modular design allows buyers to add body package components to alter the level of performance, which could mean the version captured in the tweet below is an all-singing-and-dancing iteration.

If that’s the case, give us the base model. Or a Caterham, come to think of it.


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