Shocking head-on crash involving car and bus caught on dash cam

Scary crash shows why you need to check it's clear ahead before overtaking

AN AUSTRALIAN dash cam user captured the terrifying moment an overtaking attempt near Perth went horribly wrong.

The incident occurred on September 25 along a stretch of road on the west coast of Australia, when a Toyota Corolla driver tried to pass a campervan.

The Toyota driver pulled out just as a bus was bearing down in the other direction.

Despite their best efforts to avoid each other, the car and bus had a nasty head-on collision, with the force of the impact sending the wrecked Corolla off the road.

Though the crash looked severe, the Western Australia Police Force reports no-one in the Toyota or the bus were seriously injured. The law enforcement agency also concluded the accident was “simply a case of the wrong decision at the wrong time”.

Credit: Western Australia Police Force via Storyful