Turtle wax ceramic wash review

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Six weeks of shine? We'll see ...

Product review of Turtlewax Ceramic Wash

  • Rating: ★★★☆☆
  • Price: £53.96 for bundle (£20 a bottle)
  • More info: IdealWorld 

Any car cleaning product that claims to give bodywork a “glistening shine” that lasts for up to six weeks has to be worth putting on the cleaning mitt for. So when IdealWorld offered a bundle consisting of two bottles of Turtle Wax ceramic wash, a washing mitt and a chamois for review, we grabbed our bucket and hose and applied some elbow grease.

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The pack costs £53.96, plus postage, which seemed expensive, and we had our doubts that a bottle of ceramic wash would last as long as was claimed.

We were wrong. Washing a four-year-old large family car, we hosed off the exterior and then filled a bucket with water to rinse the mitt. A large panel, such as the roof, needed only four or five squirts, as did the bonnet and then the sides of the car. So the initial scepticism was ill-founded: each bottle should last a year if you wash your car every other weekend.

The ceramic wash is claimed both to clean paint and bond with its pores to form a clear coating that protects against ultraviolet light, rain, bird droppings, tar and salt. It’s said to have a hydrophobic effect, so water runs off.

It cleaned well – as well as the Autoglym bodywork shampoo conditioner that we usually use. The hydrophobic effect helped dry body panels quickly, leaving fewer streaks, and there’s a smooth finish. The weak link was the poor-quality chamois.

We’ll report back on whether the ceramic wash really does last six weeks – and whether it’s worth the premium price.

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