PetGear seat cover review

Products: PetGear Front Seat Cover review

Ideal for anyone whose dog travels in their car


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IF YOUR pooch is as pampered as Simon Cowell and your car is as prized as an audience with Lady Gaga, then it’s highly likely that you’ll have wondered what is the best way to take man’s best friend along for a ride without spoiling the exquisitely crafted interior of, say, a Jaguar F-type coupé.

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The answer could be this, the PetGear Front Seat Protector. In fact, this could be the answer to many things when it comes to looking after your car – from throwing dribbling coffee cups onto the passenger seat without covering it in, well, coffee, to giving a lift to an incontinent grandparent without fear of the seat forever giving off the aroma of, well, wee.

We slipped it over the passenger seat of said Jaguar F-type and it fitted well. The top part of the cover fits over the seat’s back rest and has elasticated side straps that allow it to accommodate different size seats, as well as ensure it’s compatible with airbags. (That’s the claim; we weren’t about to put it to the test.)

PetGear front car seat cover for dogs reviewed

The base is also elasticated at the edges, and made from hardy, water-resistant fabric that has a rubber backing to give added toughness against claws and suchlike. It’s also machine washable.

It’s inexpensive, seems well made and was more than a match for a bemused Labrador, who until this moment had only ever been allowed to travel as a third class citizen in the boot.

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