Private hire SUV smashes into storefront in New York

Private hire SUV smashes into storefront in New York

All four involved in the crash are recovering in hospital

FOUR PEOPLE have been hospitalised in New York after a driver of an SUV crashed into a shop front.

Details on the crash are scarce at the moment, though local media outlets are reporting the collision was caused when the driver of the private hire black Lincoln Navigator tried to avoid another road user.

The maneouvre resulted in the driver losing control of his black SUV, before slamming head-on into a nearby storefront. It also appears the crash happened at relatively high speed, with the impact being strong enough to trigger the airbags and deform the front of the car considerably.

As well as the driver and the passenger in the car at the time, two pedestrians were injured in the incident. It’s understood all four individuals are currently being treated for minor injuries in hospital.

Credit: Aashiesh Pounj via Storyful